Are you thinking of buying or selling a house? Such decisions are usually the most impactful ones, so it’s beneficial to get some knowledge before taking any steps. Never think of a buying process as browsing real estate sites because it’s much more than just that. Likewise, the selling process also requires more effort than just putting a “For Sale” sign on the front of your house.

Here are the top things you can learn from Wilder Perez when buying or selling a property:

For Both, Buyers and Sellers: Always Find a Trustworthy Agent

It can be tempting to save yourself from paying the commission to real estate agents, but you should know that they help you negotiate the best deal and provide actual value for the money they charge.

For Sellers: Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Long before you consider putting your place on the market, it’s best if you get a proper makeover and cleaning because buyers tend to judge the book by its cover. And if your house seems attractive, the first-time buyer visits your home; they will likely want to become the owners.

For Buyers: Choose the Best Way to Finance the Purchase

This step can be the most essential and fundamental part when buying a house. If you have the cash, you can drive the price low. And if you cannot afford the upfront and quick payments, talk to your bank and financial advisor for the best advice.


If you consider these three basic steps as a buyer or seller, you can eliminate 99% of real estate deals’ problems and risks.

Let’s start with the real estate part by contacting Wilder Perez today and let him handle everything on your behalf.