Let’s talk about the different types of properties you can work with in real estate.

I’m Wilder Perez, the “10x Realtor,” and I’m here to make things clear and exciting for those of you looking to make real money in real estate.

1. Places to Live

First up, we have homes where people live.

You’ve got houses in neighborhoods, apartments in the city, and even vacation homes.

These places are like the heart of real estate.

They can bring you money by renting them out or becoming more valuable over time.

2. Places to do Business

Next, there’s real estate that’s all about business.

Think of offices where people work, shops where they buy things, and big spaces where things get made.

Getting into this can mean good rental income and maybe even making more money as the place gets more popular.

3. Empty Land with Potential

Last but not least, we’ve got land that’s waiting for something cool to happen.

It could turn into a new neighborhood, a shopping area, or something else awesome. But remember, working with land needs careful thinking and planning.

So, there you have it – the three main types of buildings in real estate.

If you’re just starting out, don’t worry.

Reach out for advice, learn as you go, and remember, it’s not just about buildings – it’s about creating your future.

Best wishes,

Wilder Perez

The 10x Realtor