Although no dining establishments in Coachella Valley have been awarded the prestigious Michelin star to date, the Michelin Guide recognizes eight notable eateries in Palm Springs. This acclaimed guide highlights the finest in global culinary and travel adventures.

These diverse venues range from a sleek, modernist structure of concrete and a welcoming spot for dog lovers, to a historic poolside locale intertwined with tales of mobsters and classic Hollywood. Each promises an exceptional dining journey that excels in service, taste, and innovative design, setting new standards for the gastronomic scene.

Workshop Kitchen + Bar


Recognized with the prestigious 2015 James Beard Award for Outstanding Restaurant Design for spaces with more than 75 seats, Workshop meticulously focuses on every facet of the dining experience. Chef and owner Michael Beckman cultivates a private garden at his Rancho Mirage home, enriching the soil with volcanic rock dust, worm castings, and biochar. This garden produces nutrient-rich vegetables and fragrant herbs that inspire the restaurant’s seasonal dishes.

Bar Cecil

Cuisine: American

Indulge in robust American Fare, featuring dishes such as our iconic burger adorned with Comté cheese. The menu also boasts a daring ‘Why not?’ section, where you can splurge on a $50 martini, impeccably served cold with a caviar-enhanced deviled egg. The entire ambiance of the restaurant is a festivity of cuisine, drinks, and art—don’t miss the decor in the hallways and restrooms! It’s a true celebration for every fortunate guest who secures a spot for the night.


Cuisine: International

The establishment’s name not only highlights its exceptional cocktail offerings but also playfully indicates the presence of a dedicated entry for canine companions. Executive Chef Aric Ianni skillfully blends global culinary techniques with Southern California cuisine, featuring dishes such as miso-infused Chilean fish and chips. The restaurant even caters to dogs with a specially designed menu.

Beverage Director Jake Lemmen discusses the thoughtfully crafted cocktail menu: “We’ve developed a sophisticated cocktail selection to pair with our menu’s rich and varied tastes,” he explains. “Take, for example, our Sichuan Fizz. This drink features a lively Sichuan peppercorn foam, creating a spicy, fragrant cocktail that perfectly complements the intricate flavors of our main dishes.”

tacquila palm springs


Cuisine: American

At Cheeky’s, every item on the menu is crafted from scratch with the freshest ingredients sourced locally (typically within 100 miles). The menu changes weekly to offer new delights. While renowned for its unique bacon flight, it’s also worth noting that the eggs are sourced from the restaurant’s very own chickens.


Cuisine: Mexican

Many Mexican eateries highlight dishes typical of Guadalajara, but Tac/Quila’s menu showcases the rich culinary variety of Jalisco, incorporating flavors from the state’s southern, eastern, and western parts, including both coastal and inland dishes. Recently, the restaurant has expanded its menu to include new vegan options. Chef David Arreguin takes special pride in the trio of aguachile dishes offered.

Chef Arreguin notes, “Our dishes are crafted with passion by a team that enjoys working together. The synergy between our back-of-house and front-of-house staff is evident, creating a welcoming atmosphere where guests feel like they’re dining among friends.” He adds, “People come back for more than just the food; they come for the entire experience.”



4 Saints

Cuisine: Mediterranean

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“Dine on ocean delicacies like grilled Spanish octopus and savor countryside offerings such as grass-fed beef short rib accompanied by a root vegetable purée, all while enjoying breathtaking views of the San Jacinto Mountains at 4 Saints. Located atop the Kimpton Rowan Palm Springs hotel on the seventh floor, this rooftop spot invites you to indulge in a leisurely meal.”

The Barn Kitchen

Cuisine: Californian

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“Chef Shawn Applin emphasizes that the ethos of The Barn Kitchen is deeply rooted in serving familiar, seasonal, and locally-sourced dishes, presented with a touch of simplicity. By sourcing ingredients from nearby markets and serving meals family-style at communal tables within a garden ambiance, dining at this Sparrows Lodge restaurant feels like attending a cozy dinner party hosted by your food-enthusiast friend in the desert.”

The Colony Club

Cuisine: American

Nestled within the elegant confines of The Colony Palms Hotel and Bungalows, this Moroccan-style oasis presents a fusion of classic comfort meals and novel culinary delights, such as an exquisite poche—or pocket—of Pacific cod and scallop mousse delicately enveloped in a Savoy cabbage leaf. Don’t miss the burnt Basque cheesecake, a sublime blend of cheesecake and Creamsicle flavors.

“Learning in 2022 that The Colony Club was recognized in the Michelin Guide was both an honor and a thrill,” shares Executive Chef Michael Hung. “It’s gratifying to see our commitment to creating memorable dining experiences recognized. Looking ahead, we strive for continual improvement—enhancing every dish, cocktail, and glass of wine. Every day offers a new opportunity to excel and enchant our patrons. We remain hopeful that Michelin will acknowledge our progress and honor us with a star.”